02.05.08 - 2/5 Exodus LXX (Septuigint) Opening Line in...

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Unformatted text preview: 2/5 Exodus LXX (Septuigint) Opening Line in Exodus These are the names Exodus refers to Deliverance from Salvery in Egypt 1-20 Narrative History Deliverance (what god does for people) 21-40 Legislative part is 10 commandments, covenant (what response should be)- Where did these occur? Dont really know because Bible doesnt use Pharaohs names and Egypt doesnt describe anything that sounds like anything from the Bible- Hyksos Dynasty Moved into Egypt and ruled for several hundred years. Maybe when Joseph was in power. Text First Chapters work as bridge from Genesis to Exodus. These are the names of the 12 sons of Jacob.- 70 plus of Josephs family and eventually multiply to fill the land- Became slaves and oppressed because so many of them were there. Join attackers of Egypt to get freedom- Having kids means youre not working hard enough, so they were worked harder but birthrate went up. So he starts killing babies thatre born, especially baby boys who might be able to take throne....
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02.05.08 - 2/5 Exodus LXX (Septuigint) Opening Line in...

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