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Discussion and Analysis of Project Attracting birds to the garden project was a positive and educational experience that will continue to transfer to the children who experience it. Throughout the project the importance of the relationship between the garden, birds, and children became even clearer. Having the display board in the garden is a hands on, real life opportunity for children to actively learn about the garden, and the role birds play. It is important for children to have everyday experiences with nature and appreciate it. Any hands on experience outweighs a lesson taught in a book. The display board was designed to capture the attention of viewers of all ages. We felt the colors and design were appropriate to draw attention to the topic. Having the display
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Unformatted text preview: board with the interactive portion was important to us because it will keep the children entertained. The board will give them something to interact with and learn from. Overall we felt that the project was a success and it will be an interesting place for children and people of all ages to learn something new about attracting birds to the garden. As far as sources I really didn’t use any for this portion of the project, since it was really more of a conclusion. Let me know if I did it right or not, I talked to a friend of mine and their group wrote it up pretty much like this so I just went with it. Anyways, let me know what else you need. Thanks...
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