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HORT-LR - Shelter Spring Valley Roses PO Box 7 Spring...

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Shelter Spring Valley Roses, PO Box 7, Spring Valley, Wisconsin 54767 - http://www.springvalleyroses.com Copyright 1996-2002 Spring Valley Roses Attracting birds can provide the bird watcher with relaxation benefits. Birds need shelter to protect them from the elements and allow them to hide from predators. Dense, twiggy shrubs and evergreens are the shelter of choice for most birds. Birds want a more natural planting with ground covers, annuals and perennials, short shrubs, tall shrubs and trees. Any unplanted area should be mulched with leaves or compost to encourage worms and bugs for ground-feeders. This layering provides food, shelter and nesting sites. Bird Watcher's Digest: Gardening: Winter Plans for Summer Gardens by Lynn Hassler www.birdwatchersdigest.com copyright 2005-2008 The different types of birds that visit the garden are beneficial to the garden and the gardener. Providing the shelter will insure that birds keep returning to help in the garden.
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