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Week 5 Webworks - 7. lower 8. all of the above are reasons...

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Webworks Week 5 1. “So that the light rays entering the prism are parallel” 2. “Blue” 3. n 2 = 2sin(30 o + D min /2) D min = 42 o n 2 = 2 sin[30 o + (42 o )/2] = 2sin(51 o ) = 1.55 4. “a red line” 5. “the gas radiates only a few discrete wavelengths” 6. “the fovea reflects radiation in the yellow region of the spectrum”
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Unformatted text preview: 7. lower 8. all of the above are reasons why these photons are filtered out 9. all of the above contribute to created the CT of soft tissues with X-rays 10. they are both examples of line radiation...
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