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Dan boneh security kauer 2007 a3ack 1 reset tpm aher

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Unformatted text preview: ta cannot be decrypted Dan Boneh Sealed storage: applications Lock soHware on machine: •  Suppose OS and apps are sealed with MBRs PCR value •  Any changes to MBR will prevent sealed OS from loading •  Prevents modifying or inspec2ng OS (or loading other OS) Web server: seal server’s SSL private key •  Goal: only unmodified Apache can access SSL key •  Problem: updates to Apache or Apache config Dan Boneh Example: BitLocker drive encryption tpm.msc: utility to manage TPM (e.g TakeOwnership) •  Auto generates 160-bit OwnerPassword •  Stored on TPM and in file computer_name.tpm Volume Master Key (VMK) encrypts disk volume key •  VMK is sealed (encrypted) under TPM SRK using –  BIOS, extensions, and optional ROM (PCR 0 and 2) –  Master boot record (MBR) (PCR 4) –  NTFS Boot Sector and block (PCR 8 and 9) –  NTFS Boot Manager (PCR 10), and –  BitLocker Access Control (PCR 11) Dan Boneh BitLocker Many op2ons for VMK recovery: disk, USB, paper (enc. with pwd) •  Recovery needed aHer legi2mate system change: –  Moving disk to a new computer –  Replacing system board containing TPM –  Clearing TPM (with TPM_ForceClear) At system boot (before OS boot) •  Op2onal: OS loader requests PIN or USB key from user •  TPM unseals VMK, only if PCR and PIN are correct Dan Bone...
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