Ownerpassword 160 bits and persistent ags private

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Unformatted text preview: 2048 bit modulus SHA1: Outputs 20 byte digest Dan Boneh Non-volatile storage 1. Endorsement Key (EK) (2048- bit RSA) –  Created at manufacturing 2me. Cannot be changed. –  Used for “a_esta2on” (described later) 2. Storage Root Key (SRK) (2048- bit RSA) –  Used for encrypted storage. Created aHer running TPM_TakeOwnership( OwnerPassword, … ) –  Can be cleared later with TPM_ForceClear from BIOS 3. OwnerPassword (160 bits) and persistent flags Private: EK, SRK, and OwnerPwd never leave the TPM Dan Boneh PCR: the heart of the matter PCR: PlaSorm Configura2on Registers •  Many PCR registers on chip (at least 16) •  Contents: 20- byte SHA1 digest (+junk) Upda2ng PCR #n : •  TPM_Extend(n,D): PCR[n] ← SHA1 ( PCR[n] ll D ) •  TPM_PcrRead(n): returns value(PCR(n)) PCRs ini2alized to default value (e.g. 0) at boot 2me Dan Boneh Using PCRs: the TCG boot process (SRTM) On power- up: TPM receives a TPM_Init signal from LPC bus. BIOS boot block executes: •  Calls TPM_Startup (ST_CLEAR) to ini2alize PCRs to 0 [can only be called once aHer TPM_Init] •  Calls PCR_Extend( n, <BIOS code> ) •  Then loads and runs BIOS post boot code BIOS executes: Calls PCR_Extend( n, <MBR code&gt...
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