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S2es innova2on in player design eff allow users to

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Unformatted text preview: rity Regs. (DIR) –  Need OwnerPassword to write DIR, anyone can read –  Stored in NV- RAM Dan Boneh Trusted Compu2ng A_esta2on Dan Boneh Attestation: what it does Goal: prove to remote party what soHware loaded on my machine Good applica4ons: •  Bank allows money transfer only if customer’s machine runs “up- to- date” OS patches •  Enterprise allows laptop to connect to its network only if laptop runs “authorized” soHware •  Gamers can join network only if their game client is unmodified DRM: MusicStore sells content for authorized players only. Dan Boneh Attestation: how it works Recall: EK private key on TPM. –  Cert for EK public- key issued by TPM vendor. Step 1: Create A_esta2on Iden2ty Key (AIK) –  Details not important here –  AIK Private key known only to TPM –  AIK public cert issued only if EK cert is valid Dan Boneh Attestation: how it works Step 2: sign PCR values (aHer boot) with TPM_Quote. Arguments: •  keyhandle: which AIK key to sign with •  KeyAuth: Password for using key `keyhandle’ •  PCR List: Which PCRs to sign. •  Challenge: 20- byte challenge from remote server –  Prevents replay of old signatures. •  Userdata: addi2onal data to include in sig. Returns signed data and signature. Dan Boneh Attestation:...
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