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Tcg solu2ons privacy ca online trusted party group

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Unformatted text preview: how it works A_esta2on Request (20- byte challenge) App OS TPM PC •  Generate pub/priv key pair •  TPM_Quote(AIK, PcrList, chal, pub- key) •  Obtain cert (SSL) Key Exchange using Cert Communicate with app using SSL tunnel Validate: 1.  Cert issuer, 2.  PCR vals in cert •  A_esta2on typically includes key- exchange Remote Server •  App must be isolated from rest of system Dan Boneh What would go wrong if communica2on between app. and server were done in the clear? User can reboot machine aHer a_esta2on and run arbitrary soHware pretending to be app. Dan Boneh Trusted Compu2ng Using Attestation Dan Boneh Attesting to VMs: Terra [GPCRB’03] TVMM Provides isola2on between a_ested applica2ons •  sample app: secure login into a corporate network Dan Boneh Nexus OS (Sirer et al. ’06) Problem: a_es2ng to hashed applica2on/kernel code –  Too many possible soHware configura2ons Be_er approach: a_es2ng to proper2es –  Example: “applica2on never writes to disk” Nexus OS: General a_esta2on statements: “TPM says that it booted Nexus, Nexus says that it ran checker with hash X, checker says that isola2on domain A has property P” Dan Boneh EFF: Owner Override TCG a_esta2on: •  The good: enables user to prove to remote bank that machine is up- to- date •  The bad: content owners can release decryp2on key only to machines running...
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