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MUSC324-Concert Review#1

MUSC324-Concert Review#1 - Maddi Williams MUSC 324 Concert...

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Maddi Williams MUSC 324 Concert Review Caucasian Sketches Surroundings The concert was in the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center. The décor was rather plain; nothing special was added, except for the instruments. The room was of average size, with three sections of seats to choose from. There was one young man who acted as an usher to select people. The performers sat about twenty feet from the front row of the audience. They were on a stage elevated about a foot. There was no spot light used, just stage lights turned on. The amplification was on select instruments, such as the electric guitars. Audience The audience was completely packed. There were people standing in the back row. The crowd was split distantly by young college students who had to be there for reports and then older families who were there simply for enjoyment. Most of the families looked Turkish or Armenian. The young people were mainly in jeans and school attire. The families were slightly dressier. The crowd was respectful and quiet during the
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