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Alice Holland February 27, 2008 Atypical Sexuality: Normal or Abnormal In today’s society, classifying sexual behavior can be difficult. Different sexual behaviors can be seen in everyday life, from young teens to the elderly. Every person is they’re own individual, not just their personality and physical features, but how they view themselves sexually. Their sexual orientation is what sex the individual is attracted to; the three types are bisexuality, homosexuality, and heterosexuality. Atypical sexual behavior is a variety of sexual activities that in there fully developed form are very uncommon in the general public (NCSBY). The question is, can atypical sexual behavior be considered normal? Some examples of atypical sexual behavior are Exhibitionism, referring to a male exposing himself in public. About 30% of male sex offenders who are arrested are exhibitionists. They tend to persist in their behavior. About 20 to 50% are re-arrested (Paraphilias 2). Voyeurism, which is obtaining sexual pleasure from looking at the exposed bodies or sexual
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BBh146 - BBH 146: Health & Human Sexuality Alice...

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