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diving for pearls 8-10

diving for pearls 8-10 - 6 The conclusion is particularly...

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Quinton Boughton Diving for Pearls, Ch. 8-10 1. The main points are the central features of your speech. 2. Even if your main points aren’t stated expressly in your specific purpose, they may be easy to project from it. 3. Each main point in a speech should be clearly independent of the other main points. 4. When organizing speeches, be sure to include transitions and other connectives to help listeners keep track of you ideas. 5. If you can relate the topic to your listeners, they are much more likely to be interested in it.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. The conclusion is particularly important because the final impression is often what will stick in your listeners’ minds. 7. Establishing goodwill may be crucial when the speaker needs to defuse hostility right at the start of the speech. 8. Outlines are essential to effective speeches. 9. Developing an outline helps ensure that the structure of your speech is clear and coherent. 10. Your speaking outline should use the same visual framework as your preparation outline....
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