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Practice Quiz - b Hebrew Bible – TaNaK i Torah – Law(24...

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February 4, 2008 Christian Scriptures SI with Mark Firmin Opening Practice Quiz for Exam #1 1) List the four tenets of the Abrahamic Covenant. a. Holy Land b. Lots of Offspring from Abraham c. Protection from God d. Blessings to all those who help him and cursing to those who don’t 2) What’s the sign of the Abrahamic Covenant? a. Circumcision 3) __________ refers to the scattered population of Jews around the world. a. Diaspora 4) Torah is defined as ___________. a. Instruction (teachings) 5) _________ is the process of determining sacred and authorities texts. a. Canonization 6) The Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible is know as _________. a. Septuagint 7) List the four sections of the Christian Old Testament and the three sections of the Hebrew Bible a. Old Testament – Law, History, Poetry/Literature, and Prophets
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Unformatted text preview: b. Hebrew Bible – TaNaK. i. Torah – Law (24 books), ii. Nevi’im – Prophets iii. Ketubium – Writings 8) Which creation story contains affirmation of marriage? a. The Second 9) Which creation story presents an ordered account? a. The First (god speaks and therefore is created) 10) In which creation story is God seen at participating in a more personal way? a. The second (God breaths life into Adam) 11) ___________ and ___________ are the two dominant types of literature in the Pentateuch. a. Narrative b. Legislative 12) ___________ is the mother of Ishmael. a. Agar 13) The name Isaac means ___________. a. Laughter 14) What does Abraham call the place where the Lord stopped him from sacrificing Isaac? a. “The Lord will provide”...
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