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-1Michael Craveiro Dr. Altomari CMP 104 28 September 2007 Andre Dubus’ short story “Killings” appears to be about two separate murders and the individuals who committed them. When the reader delves deeper into the story he learns that there is more to these murders than thought. Dubus turns one of the most primitive acts of our species into a complex web of emotion, motives, and consequences. Despite there being only two murders in the story, there are three killers. Although there are some dissimilarities, morality and revenge are prevalent in Richard, Matt, and Ruth’s actions. Richard committed the murder of Matt’s son Frank. He committed this murder in vindictiveness. Frank had been sleeping with Richard’s wife, with whom he was separated. His attempts to fix his relationship with his wife failed because “[he] couldn’t even talk to her. [Frank] was always with her” (Dubus 98). Having another man sleeping with his wife left him feeling violated. Dubus does a wonderful job of disconnecting the reader from Richard by illustrating him as a failure at life with a poor disposition, who would often get into fights. This leaves no connection between the reader and Richard’s act of revenge. “Richard Strout shot Frank in front of the boys…Strout came in the front
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Killings Essay - Michael Craveiro Dr Altomari CMP 104 28...

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