MUSC324Exasm2Review - Ancient vs Modern tuning systems...

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Midterm Review Sheet Music and World Cultures MUSC/ANTH 324 Central Asia Terms: Mandalas Mantra Characteristic of Central Asian Music: Epic Songs Multiphonic Singing Tone-Contour Melodies Internal vs. External Music for Buddhist Monks Tantras Shamans Ritual Music and Instruments: dung-chen, rul-mo, Dbyangs, nga chin, Brdung Folk and Art Music in Tibet sgra-snyan Lhamo Nangma Töshe Yangqin Mongolian Music Ger urtyn duu Traditional Songs urtyn duu bogino duu tuul’ morin huur Höömii Singing höömii or khoomei Instruments Khomuz morin huur or hil huur Topshuur Limba
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India Terms: Drone, mantras, vedas, guru, gharana, taraf, sympathetic vibration, alap, sa (do), semitone, komal, tivra, shuddh, that, arohana/avarohana, chalan, vadi, samvadi, gamak, pakar, gat, cadences, quantitative accents, sam, khali, tala tintal Relevant Topics: Hindustani India (North India) and Karnatic India (South India) Elements of Indian Classical Music Elements of Raga Bandish (North) and gitam (South) themes
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Unformatted text preview: Ancient vs. Modern tuning systems Natyasastra – 22 microtones or sruti Melakarta Elements of Tala North Indian Vocal Music Qawwali, dhrupad, pakhavaj, khyal, thumri South Indian Vocal Music Kriti, pallavi, caranam, anupallavi, Bhajan, Tillana, Kirtana Folk Song in India Cinna melm, kharnak Instruments: Sitar, tambura (tanpura), Sarod, Bansurim (venu), Bin (vina), harmonium, tabla, mrdangam, sruti box People: Ravi Shankar, Tyagaraja China Terms: Yayue, Suyue, anhemitonic pentatonic scales (pentatonic scales w/o semitones), Diao, fan yin, dan Relevant Topics: Characteristics of Chinese Music Three historical religions of China Folk and Contemporary Music Luogu, guchui, wu, Sizhu Chinese Dramatic Music Guqu, Regional Opera, kunqu, Jingxi Instruments: Guqin, Zheng, Pipa, hu (huqin), erhu, jinghu, sanxian, xiao, suona, sheng, luo, dagu, xiaogu, bo...
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MUSC324Exasm2Review - Ancient vs Modern tuning systems...

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