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Study Guide - Study Guide You should be familiar with the...

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Study Guide You should be familiar with the themes and terms (definitions) listed below. Mitosis and Meiosis Terms: DNA, Chomatin, Chromosome, Gene, Gamete vs Somatic Cell, Ploidy, Haploid vs Diploid, Homolog/Homologous Chromosome, Mitosis, Meiosis, Fertilization, Zygote, Cell Cycle, Interphase, S-phase, G1 phase, G2 Phase, G0 Phase, Centrosome, Chromatid, Sister Chromatid, Centromere, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, Cytokinesis, Mitotic Spindle, Kinetochore, Metaphase Plate, Cleavage Furrow, Cell Cycle Checkpoints, Tumor, Benign, Malignant, Metastasis, Cancer, Egg, Sperm, Synapsis, Crossing Over, Tetrad, Genetic Recombination, Non-dysjunction, Aneuploid, Trisomy, Monosomy Know about the chromosome (number, types, terminology) content of germ and somatic cells human cells. What are the steps of the cell cycle and what happens during each step? What is the result of mitosis and meiosis? What are the steps of mitosis and meiosis? Know what happens at each step. Know what happens when mitosis and meiosis go wrong. Know the differences between Mitosis, Meiosis I, and Meiosis II. How is the cell cycle regulated? Know when the three check points are and what are the requirements to pass through the checkpoints. Mendelian Genetics Terms: Gregor Mendel, Trait, Heredity, Self-Fertilization vs Cross-Fertilization, Phenotype vs Genotype, Pure Lines, Hybrids, Parental Generation, F1 Generation, Dominant vs Recessive, Allele, Homozygous vs Heterozygous, Principle of Segregation, Punnett Square, Di-hybrid cross, Reciprocal Cross, Principle of Independent Assortment, Test-cross, Incomplete Dominance, Codominance, Pleiotropy, Epistasis, Discrete Trait, Quantitative Trait Understand the contributions (the concepts and types of experiments) Mendel made to the understanding of inheritance. o
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Study Guide - Study Guide You should be familiar with the...

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