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september 10 political theory notes

september 10 political theory notes - • Temperate obey...

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Socrates’ Response o Unjust pursue more than their share o Injustice creates divisions in the soul 1 st  deals with social environment, 2 nd  deals within individual-perfect injustice still bad according  to Socrates Glaucon’s Challenge o Prove it is better to appear unjust while being just than appear just while being  unjust Socrates’s Proposal o Examine justice ‘writ large’   in a city instead of in an individual Plato’s Just City (polis) The Guardians-leaders/protectors of the city o Qualities that must harmonize Philosophy/wisdom and spirit/courage = temperance Education in two areas o Gymnastic (physical training, closely related to military training) o Music (also included poetry, literature, etc.) Character of the Guardians Courageous: no fear of death (56) Shame and self control (59) Not given to laughter (59) Value truth (at least for the most part)(59, 60)
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Unformatted text preview: • Temperate: obey commanders and self control in sensual pleasures (60) • Not receivers of gifts or lovers of money (61) Education of the Guardians • Literature and poetry (fall into the music category): use only the types and styles that promote virtue (69) • Music (also part of the music category): only teach them melodies and rhythms that promote courageous and harmonious life (71) • Gymnastic: only that which will help promote body and soul (75,76) • In all education, the primary considerations are: o Simplicity and harmony o Courage and temperance o Virture Lifestyle of the Guardians • Alcohol? (75)-no alcohol • Ownership? (88)-only own what is absolutely necessary • Pay? (88)-paid what they need by the citizens of the state • Housing and eating (88)-live in communal housing and eat in communal dining, also paid for by the state • Gold or silver? (88)-not to touch or be under the same roof as gold or silver...
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