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Boyer Unit 1 Assign 2 The Political and Religious Organization of Troizen, Eleusis, and Athens In the Renault novelThe King Must Die, Theseus is the narrator who gives insight into the political and religious organizations of Ancient Greek civilizations: Troizen, Eleusis, and Athens. The political organization of Troizen follows monarchy, which is seen in book one of the Renault novel as Theseus’s grandfather is the King of Troizen. Furthermore, there is a heavy emphasis on the men’s role in society as they are depicted in leadership roles or wearing armor and clothing of a soldier. Additionally, in the Renault novel, Theseus’s grandfather speaks to him about Moira as he emphasizes the King’s duty to his people, which further reveals the deeper values to the political role of the King. Unlike Troizen, Eleusis is defined as a matriarchal society in the Renault novel as the most powerful figure is the Queen; additionally, she lives longer to
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