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CS112: Homework #1 1. Finish reading Chapter 1. (The lab exercises covered pages 3 to 12, which you should re- read. Then read the rest of Chapter 1.) 2. Do Exercises 1.17 to 1.25. These exercises work with a BlueJ project called lab-classes . The easiest way to work on this project is to work on the department’s PCs in Young 107 or 118; the project can be copied from the Public folder like the other projects we have worked with so far (see Public \ Yuen(CS) \ \ cs112BlueJ \ projects \ chapter01 , be sure to COPY the
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Unformatted text preview: lab-classes folder to your computer’s desktop). Make a MS Word document that will contain your homework report. You can copy-paste any graphics into this document, as we did in In-Class-Exercise 1. This is especially true for Exercise 1.25, where you will be calling the printList( ) method to output information to BlueJ’s terminal window . Copy this terminal window’s graphics into your homework report. It is also possible to just copy-paste the text only from the window. It is up to you....
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