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HW#7 Interactive version of SpellChecker Modify the InClass SpellChecker exercise. Make it interactive, by writing a method spellCheckMany() that uses a loop to repeatedly ask for words to spell check. Here is an example terminal window output: ** Welcome to our Spell Checker ** Please enter a word (or press ENTER to quit): The program will read the input string. If it is empty, the method quits. Otherwise, the isSpelledCorrectly method is invoked, and some sentence is printed to the screen that says
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Unformatted text preview: whether or not the word is spelled correctly; in either case, the user is prompted again to “Please enter a word (or press ENTER to quit):”. • Note that you can use an infinite loop for the command loop. When an empty string input is detected, you can break out of the loop. Be sure to thank the user for using your spell checker when the method quits....
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