Hw10 - Integer.parseInt(String to parse the two strings into integers If they are not integers output some message to that effect You may use the

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HW #10 1. Copy the InClass21 folder from the usual locations. 2. Open the project using BlueJ. 3. Edit the source file for InClass21 . 4. HW#10. Write a void method addUpTwoNumbers() that will ask the user to input two integers. Use a try-catch statement to make sure that they are indeed two integers. Read the input in as two strings and use
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Unformatted text preview: Integer.parseInt(String) to parse the two strings into integers. If they are not integers, output some message to that effect. You may use the existing code for previousExample2() as help. Bonus: Write this method so that it keeps asking the user for input until the user types in legitimate integers....
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