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CS112: In-class Exercise 16 ArrayList – an improved spell checker. 1. Review of the new ArrayList object . Required import: import java.util.*; Declaration: ArrayList< type > variableName; Instantiation: variableName = new ArrayList< type >(); Adding new elements to end of array: variableName.add( element ); Getting the elements corresponding to a certain index . This returns something of corresponding type . variableName.get( index ); Remember that the indexing starts at 0. Getting the length (number of elements). This returns an integer. variableName.size(); Note that the size is one bigger than the last available index. 2. Create a new project InClass16-spellchecker2 . 3. Copy the file dictionary.txt from the usual locations. We are going to use this file of words as a database to check whether a word is spelled correctly. The assumption is that a word is spelled correctly if and only if it is on this list. 4.
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