Handel - During the next few years Handel made many close...

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Jason Miller Music Appreciation September 10, 2007 George Frederic Handle George Frederick Handel was a great musician of the Baroque Period. Handel was born on February 23, 1965. He lived most of his younger life in Halle, Germany. Due to his father's wishes, he attended the University of Halle as a student of law. During his education, his interest in music surfaced and he received three years of lessons given to him by an organ player Wilhelm Zachow. In 1697 Handel’s father died, and since he didn’t have to follow his wishes anymore, Handel left Halle and went to Hamburg to persue a career as a violin player in an orchestra. Although this ruined his chance of becoming a lawyer, it improved his chances of becoming involved in a musical career. Young Handel became a skilled organist and harpsichordist. After playing with an opera company in Hamburg, he went to Italy in 1706 to study opera.
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Unformatted text preview: During the next few years, Handel made many close friendships with other musicians. This was now the time when Handel started heavily writing plays and operas. Handel wrote an amazing amount of operas; such as, Israel in Egypt, Jephtha, Messiah, Water Dance, The Heroick, Mr. Handel, and Teseo. Many people are just aware that he was a composer of music and they did not know that he was a writer of plays and operas. George Handel is known as one of the best composers in the world and specifically of the Baroque period of time. Toward the end of his life, Handel was plagued by illnesses. He was totally blind from 1753 until his death, but this did not stop him from being involved with his and other people’s music until he died. He died in 1759, and was buried with full state honors in Westminster Abbey....
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Handel - During the next few years Handel made many close...

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