transportation - Carmelina Vilardi Period 3 12/15/06 Kane...

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Carmelina Vilardi 12/15/06 Period 3 Kane Transportation The definition of transportation is simple; it is the act of moving something from one location to another. There are many issues that come about when talking about transportation. Some of the major issues include stress of crowded commutes, jammed sidewalks, congested traffic, and pollution. There are also many subdivisions to take into consideration when dealing with transportation. One group in particular is traffic safety and pedestrian improvements. There have been many accidents due to all sorts of means of transportation, such as automobiles, buses, and subways. Transportation is one of the public's top concerns and something needs to be done to make it more efficient and safe. Pollution has always been a major concern in our society. Through transportation, pollution has become worse as time progresses. Automobiles and buses all add onto our country’s pollution problem. Highways were created to make it easier and a more efficient way of driving from one suburb to the next, but they only add to the troubles in our pollution and energy systems. I believe it is time to create a way to decrease the amount of pollution circulating our air. One solution has been made, and that is the hybrid car. This new vehicle is a cross between a gasoline powered car and an electric
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transportation - Carmelina Vilardi Period 3 12/15/06 Kane...

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