How to end iraq war paper

How to end iraq war paper - War constantly impacts the...

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War constantly impacts the entire world, domestically for countries at war, and internationally within the system. Ever since 9/11, when two Boeing 767 planes were flown into the World Trade Center, the world economy has become increasingly complicated. Following the incident, the United States went to war in the Middle East, first in Afghanistan, then in Iraq, to protect American interests. Today, United States citizens, as well as the rest of the developing world, needs oil, which Iraq has a plentiful supply of, but Iraqi citizens still haven’t had the peace and humanitarian aid which they have been eagerly awaiting since the war began in Iraq in 2003. Since Iraq has a plentiful supply of oil, which is a highly demanded resource today, the US needs to find a compromise to obtain oil from Iraq while providing impoverished Iraqi citizens with the freedom and resources they were promised at the onset of war. Americans and Iraqis can agree on basic foundational terms within the complicated web woven by the war. First of all our leaders, US President George Bush and Iraqi President Jalal Talabani agree the US involvement in Iraq should bring freedom to Iraqi people. The US won’t withdraw until, according to Bush, the “‘mission is complete’” (Prah). Bush’s Iraqi counterpart agrees, claiming that “‘a timetable will help the terrorists; will encourage them that they could defeat a superpower of the world and the Iraqi people’” (Prah). We can also agree that many Iraqis are living below the poverty line, and that the western world has the capability to assist Iraqi citizens, if it chooses to. In addition, we can agree that Iraq has a plentiful supply of oil, which is beneficial to the United States. As of 2002, Iraq supplies 456 thousand barrels of oil to the United States per day (Cooper). Americans and Iraqis both recognize the potential trade options available, and in place, for exporting oil from Iraq to various regions of the world. Oil is
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one of the most valuable and useful natural resources in the world. It provides for “gasoline, heating oil and jet and diesel fuel” (Patch). Iraqis and Americans know that oil is valuable, and that it is plentiful in Iraq. The population of both the US and of Iraq relies on their governments to act as “both protector and neutral arbiter of interests” (Cooke). We expect to be protected, even though we don’t always have ample national security, in
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How to end iraq war paper - War constantly impacts the...

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