PS203 Int'l Politics Notes

PS203 Int'l Politics Notes - o Self Help Sovereignty o...

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Machiavelli- o Realistic vs Wishful Thinking o Keep promises if in your interests o Preserve the state o Athenians – Power o Melians – Allies Justice Reason Hope Religion o Strong do what they want, weak do what they must Hobbes o State of War o Watch your back o International Anarchy Liberalism o Kant How to have “perpetual peace” If more states had a republican form of government, then there would be less war People have to pay for it Trade helps preserve peace Economically more beneficial to trade than fight Opposite of Autarky World Federation/League of Peace Backed Currency
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Social Institutions o
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Unformatted text preview: o Self Help Sovereignty o Cold-War Realists & Anarchy o Self-Help o Anarchy is given Source of Conflict o Nothing to Stop War Article o Signaling o Interpreting o Responding An Institution can change, but its risky Punishes offenses & rewards certain behaviors Cold War was an institution o Changes in identity & interests o Self-reflection see own contribution to institution o Disarm/Make risky gesture Why the cold war ended: Realists o USSR Grew weaker economically, militarily Liberalists o Institutions o Norms o Trade o Co-operation...
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PS203 Int'l Politics Notes - o Self Help Sovereignty o...

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