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Terrorism Notes - Ex – March 2004 – Trains bombed in...

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Terrorism – What it is NOT: Guarilla Warfare Uniformed Soldiers Fear by National leaders (except in state sponsored terrorism) Through Typical Political Channels. It IS: Extremist Groups Used to change s/t; not to control Try to change: o Economic/political system o Ecoterrorism – e.g. burn McMansions o Religious Views o Use of force to impose ideas on others Attacks on non-combatants To cause terror (among citizens) Can have religious foundations Produce change through fear Used by small groups to influence large groups b/c political channels don’t always work, they use other means.
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Textbook definition: Non-state actor attacking civilians by secret un-uniformed forces, across borders, as leverage against states’ governments
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Unformatted text preview: Ex – March 2004 – Trains bombed in Madrid; Caused severe political change in Spain. Prime Minister Aznar stepped down; Zapatero Pulled out. Where does it come from? • Desperation? • Frustrated/stifled – can’t achieve dreams • Envy/hatred of the other • Ideological/philosophical/religious positions How to Fight it: • Understanding, empathy • Look for root of the problem • Long-term approach • Public diplomacy • Use force Post • Fight fire with fire • Psychological Warfare o Inhibit Potential terrorists from joinng o Create dissention within group o Give them a way out o Undermine group leader within the group Heymann • Stop recruitman • Resources • Access to targets • Safe harbor • Skills...
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Terrorism Notes - Ex – March 2004 – Trains bombed in...

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