Field Study, Advertising at A&F

Field Study, Advertising at A&F - The View from...

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Brittani Chirichella North Carolina State University Professor J. Hartzell ENG 101 Section 003 Spring 2008
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Abstract To find a proper cross-section of people with different styles, the mall is a perfect place to go. With all the different companies and name brand labels, it is impossible to find the same wardrobe personality on everyone. Abercrombie & Fitch has a classic style that is meant to reflect on American culture. Observed at the store is the demographic, employees, and general set up in the store. A busy day in the mall is on a weekend, during midday. The field study was conducted on a Sunday, during the middle of the day, at 1:00pm. This is when the store will be busiest and the statistics can be the most accurate. This study can further address how the store’s advertisement strategies attract what type of buyer and how those same strategies can benefit the company. Introduction The music is loud and continuous while the smell of perfume drifting into the main hallway is inviting. The professional model’s pictures hanging on the walls are attracting buyers, and so are the attractive floor models on staff. All of this is an advertising strategy to recruit customers into Abercrombie & Fitch. The controversy of the store, which has teenage girls always coming back for more, is centered on advertisement. The main focus of any company is to attract customers and maximize profit. Based on the knowledge of their own demographic, and expertise in advertisement, Abercrombie & Fitch executives design the store to create an inviting environment, recruiting more customers and increasing their profit. The Demographic Though the customers at A&F are vast in the masses, the store attracts mainly females. On a busy shopping day, more Women’s Clearance items are purchased than any other single item in the store. The company, aware of this fact, embraces their female customers with an enlarged photo of a male model at the door, which can be seen in passing. During the
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Field Study, Advertising at A&F - The View from...

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