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Exam II Notes - SOCL 3501 EXAM II Ch 9 With heterosexual...

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SOCL 3501 – EXAM II 2/25/08 – Ch. 9 With heterosexual deviance there is never 100% consensus on what is deviant; except 100% consensus on married couples trying to have a baby. Premarital Sex: no consensus on if it’s deviant or not Depends on who you talk to; deviance is backed up with religious views Over 50% engage in premarital sex Marriages are occurring later in life more premarital sex Attitudes have become lax; concern with age Teen Sex: higher consensus that it’s deviant 13-17 yr olds, not mature enough to make those decisions More likely to suffer consequences: Pregnancy, STDs, high rates of abortion among teens CVC study found that 50% of teens engaged in sex by the time they were 19 Age of sexual initiation is becoming younger, earlier start increases risk of consequences Condom use has increased Sex education: comprehensive programs are more effective; encourages abstinence but also teaches medically accurate/age appropriate information Some argue that parents should talk to kids about sex; usually parents are too embarrassed Public health issue: teens w/ inaccurate information about sex Teen mothers have difficulty continuing education; most don’t Increase in oral sex (safe alternative to intercourse); remain “technically” a virgin – still has consequences (STDs); still not “pure” 2/27/08 – Ch. 9 Double standard between males and females Girls who have sex are sluts Guys who have a lot of sex are studs Doesn’t affect men the same way as women Girls with high self-esteem are less likely to have sex; boys are the opposite : high self-esteem more likely to have sex Extramarital Sex: much higher consensus that this is deviant Married person having sec with someone outside the marriage Most people only do it once 90% males, 94% females believe infidelity is wrong 1/3 of Americans believe it should be a crime
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People commit adultery because: they want excitement the seductive myth: idea that sex outside of marriage is more exciting Most people evaluated married sex more favorably Socioeconomic Status: people from lower income households are more likely to engage in infidelity; usually marry earlier, have lots of day to day stress, & more likely to divorce More religious people are less likely to engage in infidelity Legitimate Adultery: some societies accept men having many partners Swinging: co-marital sex, can mean swapping spouses, but doesn’t have to be 1-2% of married couple are swingers Middle class, white backgrounds b/t ages 25-45 Swinging is considered more deviant than adultery More likely to be Protestant Some studies show they feel it improves marriage Generally men initiate swinging, women are willing participants 2/29/08 – Ch 9 Pornography: a large majority of Americans are opposed to the distribution and
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Exam II Notes - SOCL 3501 EXAM II Ch 9 With heterosexual...

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