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chapter 4 biology.wps - -1Polymersare built of...

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Unformatted text preview: -1Polymersare built of monomersOrganic molecules are formed by living organismsHave a core based around CarbonThe core has attached groups of atoms called functional groupsThe functional groups confer specific chemical properties on the organic molecules.The building materials of the body are known as macromolecules because they can be very large.There are 4 types of macromolecules1.Proteins2.Nucleic Acids3.Carbohydrates4.LipidsLarge molecules are actually assembled from many similar small components called monomersThe assembled chain of monomers is known as a PolymerAll polymers are assembled the same wayA covalent bond is formed by removing an Hydroxyl group (OH) from one subunit and a Hydrogen (H) from another subunit.Because this amounts to the removal of a water molecule, this process of linking together two subunits to form a polymer is called Dehydration SynthesisProteinsProteinsare complex macromolecules that are polymers of many subunits called Amino Acids....
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chapter 4 biology.wps - -1Polymersare built of...

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