FIN 3020 Chap 3 Margin Short

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#6 Dée Trader opens a brokerage account and purchases 300 shares of Internet Dreams at $40 per share. She borrows $4,000 from her broker to help pay for the purchase. The interest rate on the loan is 8%. a. What is the margin in Dée's account when she first purchases the stock? Shares $300.00 Stock Price $40.00 Value $12,000.00 Borrowed $4,000.00 Cash Equity Margin $8,000.00 Margin % 66.67% b. If the share price fal s to $30 per share by the end of the year, what is the remaining margin in her account? If the maintenance margin requirement is 30%, wil she receive a margin cal ? Shares 300 Stock Price $30.00 Value $9,000.00 Borrowed $4,000.00 Interest owed Broker $320.00 Cash Equity Margin $4,680.00 Margin % 52.00% MM% 30.00% Cal Not Subject to Cal c. What is the rate of return on her cash equity investment? Return on Equity -41.50% #9 You are bul ish on Telecom stock. The current market price is $50 per share, and you have $5,000 of your own to invest. You borrow an additional $5,000 from your broker at an interest rate of 8% per year and invest $10,000 in the stock. a. What wil be your rate of return if the price of Telecom stock goes up by 10% during the next year? The stock currently pays no dividends. Total investment $10,000.00 Stock Price 50 Shares 200 Stock Price 50 Value 10,000 Borrowed 5,000 Cash Equity 5,000 Margin 50.00% Shares 200 Stock Price 55 Value 11,000 Borrowed 5,000 Interest XP 400 Cash Equity 5,600 Return on Equity 12.00% b. How far does the price of Telecom stock have to fal for you to get a margin cal if the maintenance margin is 30%? Assume the price fal happens immediately. Number of shares in excess of margin 140 Borrowed $5,000 Price per share when Price subjecct to Cal $35.71 or lower Please visit us at #11 Suppose that Intel currently is sel ing at $40 per share. You buy 500 shares using $15,000 of your own money, borrowing the remainder of the purchase price from your broker. The rate on the margin loan is 8%. a.
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FIN 3020 Chap 3 Margin Short - A 1#6 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11...

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