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Travis Vaughn Eng W131 December 3, 2007 Paper 3 Hey Mickey You’re So Fine You Blow My Mind The “baby boomer” generation was the largest generation born in the United States. Defined by Oxford English Dictionary as a person born between 1939-1945, the “baby boomer” generation consisted of many “counterculture” activists (OED). Described as “groups [that] rose to every debatable occasion,” the counterculture protested many different things including the Vietnam War (Counter Cultures of the Sixties). The longest and most unpopular war in America’s history, the Vietnam War closed freedom’s doors and opened American’s eyes to tragedy as the U.S. deployed 1/3 of the fighting force in the war against their will (Paul Mickle). Many of the un-drafted young adults stayed behind to protest this decision and its effect on their individual freedom, or their rights to act, speak, or think freely (OED). They protested by way of marching, picketing, or sticking flowers in the end of rifles in order to stop unnecessary the violence. “Generation X,” on the other hand, describes the age group born during the late 1960s to around 1980 that has been classified as the “slacker” generation (Jennifer Jochim). Breed from T.V., M.T.V., and video games, the “Generation Xer’s” lazy stereotype counters that of the active “baby boomer” generation. Because of the impact of media on these people, many believe the “Generation Xers” have become more desensitized towards violence and gun usage and murder by gunfire is more common in their generation. They are described as the selfish generation, the generation that has enjoyed the freedoms that the “baby boomers” helped to achieve (Healthy Minds). The movie Natural Born Killers , a film about a renegade couple murdering for
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pleasure, takes a stylistic approach to the film through a “Generation Xer” view. Different camera angles, flashbacks, and editing not seen in most movies provide an underlying message of violence as a popular act in their society. The role the media plays in the movie and the director’s interpretation of “freedom” plays to the “Generation X” stereotype. Easy Rider , a film about two motorcycle riders searching for freedom, on the other hand, displays the point of view through the “baby boomer,” or “counterculture,” generation. The hippie style clothing, the marijuana usage, and the language all can attribute to this idea. At first glance, the movies seem to share relatively little in common with one another. Delving deeper though, both of these movies seem to display the power guns have over individual freedoms. While Natural Born Killers represents guns as a media-driven trend needed to achieve freedom, Easy Rider shows how freedom is never really in one’s full control when the barrel-end of a gun can whisper “take it away” at any time. Easy Rider
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Final Paper - Travis Vaughn Eng W131 December 3, 2007 Paper...

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