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Reality Show - Mark Salmon Reality Television Program...

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Mark Salmon Reality Television Program Pitch 01/09/2008 “The Amazing Life” Imagine: After months of long preparation and even longer goodbyes, three families are now ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime. One that will prove to be the greatest test of human strength and the will to survive that they have ever known. All three families share this common desire to survive in that they are willing to put everything at risk, even their own lives, in an effort to better those lives. No, this is not the “Amazing Race”. This is “The Amazing Life”. “The Amazing Life” will cover every aspect of the three families’ journeys to illegally immigrate into the United States from various parts of Mexico from start to finish. In essence, the show will be a spin-off of the current hit reality show, “True Life”, but will have a specific focus throughout the season on telling the story of these families on their epic quest. Now here’s the twist: Instead of leaving the show as is, covering only the lives of the three families involved, “The Amazing Life” will also present the story of an individual living on the U.S.–Mexico border, who makes it his job to prevent illegal
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Reality Show - Mark Salmon Reality Television Program...

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