Major Paper # 2 outline

Major Paper # 2 outline - I. Introduction A. Thesis...

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I. Introduction A. Thesis statement: Circle seven of Dante’s inferno deals with the Violent sinners. Dante is introduced to wide array of people throughout circle seven, sinners who were violent agasint others, violent agasint self, violent agasint god or violent agasint nature. For each type of violence, there is a unuique punishment inflicted upon the sinners as well as a unique gaurdian that parralles their violent acts on earth. II. Topic Sentence: Those who committed violence agasint others while alive are forced to stand in a river of boiling blood at various depths based upon their sins on earth. A: The most violent of the sinners are completely immersed under the boiling blood (Attila the Hun). While others are up to their necks (Alexander the Great), waists or ankles. B: Appropriateness of the punishment. C: Appropriateness of the Gaurds. III. Topic Sentence: Those who were violent to themselves (the suicides), gave up their god given bodys, so they spend an eternity without human form or the free will to even
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Major Paper # 2 outline - I. Introduction A. Thesis...

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