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cant 34 - betrayed Jesus Christ and for this he is...

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To: David Bruce From: Patrick Daly Re: The Inferno , Canto 34 Reaction Memo Date: 1/22/07 Words: 261 The Inferno , Canto 34: How was the Mount of Purgatory formed? The Mount of Purgatory was formed when Lucifer fell from heaven and smashed into the center of the earth, with such force that he exploded all the land beneath him from the center of the earth all the way up to paradise. This is Dante’s way of explaining why there is no land on the southern hemisphere. The Inferno, Canto 34: Who are the three sinners whom Lucifer is chewing on? Lucifer is portrayed as a three headed beast who is chewing on the three of the greatest sinners of all time; Judas is in the center mouth headfirst in the mouth of Satan. Judas
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Unformatted text preview: betrayed Jesus Christ, and for this he is sentenced to an eternity of being chewed and flayed alive. In the other two mouths are Brutus and Cassius, who were responsible for the murder of Julius Caesar. One might question how fitting Brutus and Cassius are for this scene, but it can be noted that during Dante’s time Rome was the religious center of the world and the city of the Lord himself. Caesar was the father of Rome, so therefore he might be viewed as a chosen leader by God, and to betray and murder him was almost as bad as betraying God himself....
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