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Ch. 1 Short Essay

Ch. 1 Short Essay - John Ackerman Jr Ch.1 Short Essay A...

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John Ackerman Jr. Ch.1 Short Essay A rhythm is a regular pattern of beats and emphasis in a piece of music. Melody is a grouping of notes that make a tune. Timbre is the quality or color of tone of an instrument or voice. These three can coexist in a piece of music because they are some of the basic components for a complete musical piece. There are different layers in music. Some have many, while other basic pieces contain just one. Some layers may include a bass line, lead, drone, or a drum beat. In a multi-layered piece of music such as “Mrs. Robinson” by Simon & Garfunkel, you can listen to the first twenty seconds and point out these three musical terms and how they apply. The song begins with two percussive instruments: some sort of drum and a rattling type instrument. Each one of these instruments is being played in a particular rhythm. The rhythm is very repetitive and sets a strong base layer for the song. The next major part to come in is a vocal part singing a “do day do”. This part of the piece is the first melody of the song. It stays on a particular scale and walks up and down in a pleasing way. This part, later in the song, turns into a lyrical melody. Finally, the term timbre is expressed with every instrument that comes in to this piece. I could tell that one of the percussion instruments was a rattling type of device because of its
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particular timbre. Also, I can perceive that the guitar in the song is an acoustic six string because of its familiar timbre, the buzzing strings and color is a dead giveaway. Genre by definition is a category into which artistic works of all kinds can be divided.
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Ch. 1 Short Essay - John Ackerman Jr Ch.1 Short Essay A...

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