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part of STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 1 (and comprehensive final): ANIMALS, SPONGES Bilateral symmetry versus Radial symmetry Bilateral Symmetry: -Characterizing a body form with a central longitudinal plane that divides the body into 2 equal but opposite halves. Has a right, left, front, back, but also a dorsal, ventral, lateral, anterior, and posterior. This is associated with directional mobility and cephalization. Radial Symmetry: -Characterizing a body form like a pie or barrel, with many equal parts radiating outward like the spokes of a wheel; present in Cnidarians and Echinoderms; also can refer to flower structure. Have NO left, right, front, back. They are sessile/free-floating. Bilateria versus Radiata Bilateria: -Usually have Bilateral Symmetry, except in seastar phylum: in Bilateria but has Penturadia Symmetry. Radiata: -Has Radial Symmetry Pentaradial Symmetry: -Only found in Seastar Phylum Acoelomate versus Pseudocoelomate versus Coelomate Acoelomate: -A solid-bodied animal lacking a cavity between the gut and outer body wall. So, NO Coelum, their solid from gut out. Pseudocoelomate: -An animal whose body cavity in not completely lined by Mesoderm. Means, FALSE Coelum, not completely lined. Coelomate: -An animal that possesses a TRUE Coelom. Includes humans.
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Protostomes versus Deuterostomes Protostomes: -Distinguished by the development of the MOUTH from the Blastopore; also characterized by schizocoelous development of the body cavity and by Spiral Cleavage. So, MOUTH first. Deuterostomes: -Distinguished by the development of the ANUS from the Blastopore; often also characterized by Entercoelous development of the body cavity and by Radial Cleavage. So, ANUS first. Spiral versus Radial Cleavage Spiral Cleavage: -A type of embryonic development in PROTOSTOMES, in which the planes of cell division that transform the zygote into a ball of cells occur obliquely to the polar axis, resulting in cells of each tier sitting in the grooves between cells of adjacent tiers. Radial Cleavage:
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study guide, King, Animals Sponges, #5 - part of STUDY...

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