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HIST 1200 Seibert Sample Quiz question from Chapter 14. **Quiz #1 will be Wednesday—Jan. 30 th . Bring a no.2 pencil. 1. The act that proclaimed toleration of the Huguenots was (A) the Ninety-Five Theses (B) the Edict of Rouen (C) the Rights of Man and Citizen (D) the Edict of Nantes 2. What country was the greatest power in Europe by the middle of the 16 th century? (A) England (B) Poland (C) France (D) Spain 3. Which of the following was NOT a factor in the Thirty Year’s War? (A) The dynastic struggle between the Habsburg and their enemies (B) the conflict between Spain and the Holy Roman Empire over possessions in Italy (C) The Bohemian revolt against a Habsburg King (D) The religious struggle of Catholics against Protestants 4. The Peace of Westphalia (A) returned the Continent to the status quo of 1618 (B) weakened the Holy Roman Empire (C) reconfirmed the power and grandeur of the Holy Roman Empire (D) ensured Protestant domination over all of Central Europe
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Which of the following most accurately reflects the state of Europe in 1648? (A) The northwest of Europe was Protestant, and the south was Catholic. (B) Catholicism was everywhere triumphant. (C) The Holy Roman Empire emerged as a completely Lutheran sphere of influence. (D) Protestantism was the rule everywhere except in Italy. 6. Which if the following statements concerning war between 1555 and 1648 is NOT accurate? (A) It enhanced the power of the state. (B) It defined gender roles . (C) It was largely limited to struggles among European elite. (D) It consumed lives, and treasure, and commodities ravenously. 7. The massacre of the Protestants on August 24, 1572, is called the (A) St. Jerome’s Day massacre (B) St. Paul’s Day massacre (C) St. Valentine’s Day massacre (D) St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre Answer: 7. D; 6. C; 5. A; 4. B; 3. B; 2. D; 1. D...
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