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MUS 234- African American Music Week 7 Oct 12,14, & 162020 Dr. Ted Ferguson Chapter 8: Art/Classical Music 1.The period before the civil war, when slavery was still the law of the land is known as the Antebellum Period 2.The Emancipation Proclamation is the official document freeing slaves below the mason- dixon line in 1863. 3.The Harlem Renaissance was a period of literary and artistic growth by African American intellectuals based in Harlem during the 1920s. 4.Samuel Coleridge-Taylor was an Afro-British man who advocated Black musical idioms in classical art forms to establish an American national school of compo-sition 5.The Mason Dixon Line is the line that separated the north from the south 6.The use of African and African American musical idioms in western art forms to affirm their cultural heritage is musical nationalism. 7.Edmond Dédé established his career as a violinist in France where he attended the Paris Conservatory in 1857, becoming possibly he first Black from North America to be
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