review for s%m - Hawthorne effect measures subject’s...

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abstraction- clarifying a concept by describing its most essential feratures aggregate-level unit of analysis- collection of individual entities, neighborhoods, states, nations etc. concept- idea representing phenomena in the real world conceptual definition- restates a concept in unambiguous terms. clearly defines concept and communicates the subjects to which the concept applies. conceptual question- question expressed with ideas, hard to answer practically concrete question- question expressed with tangible properties, can be practically answered construct validity- if the measurements correlate with similar concepts that it should be related to- GRE=readiness for graduate school, high gre should correlate with high gpa ecological fallacy- inferences are made about the individual level using aggregate-level phenomena face validity- if it looks like it is going to measure what it is supposed to measure
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Unformatted text preview: Hawthorne effect- measures subject’s response to being studied/ evaluated (test anxiety) Individual- level unit of analysis-concept describing phenomena at its lowest level interval- level variable- orders most exact by ordinal with numbers nominal-level variable- just names of groups you prefer etc operational definition- describes the instrument to be used in measuring the concept, putting the concept into operation ordinal-level variable- like abortion: pro, neutral, against, each less for it than the one before it random measurement error reliability- extent to which it is a consistent measure of a concept, measured by split-half method-systematic measurement error test-retest method- testing over and over on the same group to see if results stay the same unit of analysis- entity to which a concept applies variable- records measurement of the concept...
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  • Spring '08
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  • conceptual question- question, concrete question- question, operation ordinal-level variable, ecological fallacy- inferences

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review for s%m - Hawthorne effect measures subject’s...

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