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Vita Yegorova 11/1/07 Accelerated Rhetoric Cutter Wood Annotated Bibliography 1. Weitzel, Robert. «A Pitiless Plan: Denying Plan B Emergency Contraception to Victims of Rape.» Progressive Daily Beacon. Sept. 27, 2007. < > This article was published in September of 2007. It was published after Congress had decided to legalize over the counter emergency contraception. The article targets women, rape victims, and advocates of emergency contraception. The author believes that emergency contraception, also known as Plan B or the morning after pill, should be available over the counter and in hospitals. In relation to the Plan B controversy, the author's position is towards the extreme side of supporting the issue. He believes the pill should be readily available whether it is in hospitals or drug stores, and it should be available to rape victims as well as any woman who needs help preventing pregnancy. The controversy of offering emergency contraception to rape victims uses ethos to capture the reader's attention. Word choice and a testimonial from a rape victim effectively describe a terrifying and sad experience. The editorial begins by describing the setting of a rape that occurred over 30 years ago. By presenting the date of the rape, it allows the reader to compare our times with the past and realize that the same crimes are still a major problem. Realizing that our government has not done anything to stop the rape epidemic creates emotions of despair. The word choice is very strong and powerful. Words such as «brutal,» «haunted,» and «possessed,» show how a woman's life changes when dealing with a pregnancy from rape. It is life changing and all decisions should be left to the victim. The author of the piece presents accounts of legislative action that surround the issue of hospitals providing emergency contraception. Most rape victims end up receiving abortions. However, if Plan B were administered to victims, many of these abortions could have been prevented. This use of logos is effective because
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the statistical figures are so drastic and show that Plan B would of saved many women from the emotional distress of having an abortion. The author presents his credibility of the piece by presenting various areas of research he has done on the topic. There are many references to various bills in Congress regarding Plan B, as well as acts passed that require hospitals
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biblio - Vita Yegorova 11/1/07 Accelerated Rhetoric Cutter...

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