How Hitler came to power 10

How Hitler came to power 10 - How Hitler came to power...

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How Hitler came to power 10/4/07 Rise of nazi power was not inevitable 1928 the Nazi’s had 2.6% of the vote -not enough to get even 1 seat in the parliament Germans are radicalized in the interest to find liberal solutions of the economic depression Hitler receives 18% of the vote in 1930 due to the openness of the germans 1930-32 a series of governments that rose and feel-couldn’t remain stable Chancellor suspended parliament due to ‘emergency’ due to article 48 Failed to get gov’t under control 37.2% of vote to Hitler in July ‘32 *Paul von Hindenburg -drove ww1 reckless war, conservative, unattractive to Hitler, aristocracy -right winged authoritarian guys approached Hindenburg, said we don’t like Hitler anymore than you do, but here’s a plan-give Hitler political mandate and then we’ll be able to control him, once his plan falls (as they all do) hidenburg’s ideas would come back into power and the germans would be slightly more controllable Hitler never received majority of votes 1932=Hitlers largest amount of votes several months later % dropped to 33 Hitler and his votes: did not come to power due to majority; didn’t come with a mandate to murder jews a vote for Hitler was a vote against communism regenerating german nation decisive leadership the majority who voted for Hitler were the ones who felt they had the most to loose young people voted for Hitler protestants wasn’t a separation of church and state 1/3 of all protestant clergy were supporters of a nazi like Christianity typical voter-middle upper to lower middle class; young, did not live in larger cities due to industrialization-workers-mannual labors would support communism or leftwinged parties Berlin (seed to nazi power) was not a brown city (color of shirts)
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How Hitler came to power 10 - How Hitler came to power...

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