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EMERGENCE OF THE DECISION OF THE EXTERMINIATION OF THE JEWS Phase 1- ’32-’39 : make life of jews harder; ’38 intense persecution- -’39 the foreign office stated that the ultimate aim was for the immigration of jews out of germany; heydrich’s order -ghettoization, concentration into ghettos for some other action, concentration on railways -final goal was to send them to other places-not to be exterminated but to temporary sites to deport jews -looked like no more than expulsion operation T 4-systematic murder of a group of people this technology and process served as a structure for an extermination of another group -learned mass murder is possible-efficiently -learned that ordinary men and women were willing to murder large numbers of innocent people -could count on segments of the german population would participate in the murder -bureaucracy of the state could be counted on to carry out murder process order of euthanasia by Hitler (document over the discussion of euthanasia) -never a specific document ordering the final solution -only many documents referring to such an idea holocaust denial movement-makes the fact that there’s no Hitler order therefore no proof -ideological postions, not scholarly View 1- centrality of hitlers intentions -“intentionalists” -saying by 1919 hitler had decided on this decision -Gerald Fleming; Lucy Dawidowicz the course of the 3 rd reich was determined by Hitler-he was the central power any decision Hitler made was an intention to realize his goals Hitler decided on the mass murder of the jews in the 1920 and consistently worked towards that goal from the 20s on. -assumes he’s going to get into power-start a war and win, when he had little/no power -as if reading history backwards -making the jews life hard-dehumanize, make life miserable, set the stage for murder -quote Hitler “that does not belong here” (synagogue) Hitler believed that jews should disappear -in mein kampf- I would like millions of jews to have a whiff of the gas I experienced in wwI -take a famous speech in ’39 in which Hitler tries to blame WWII on international jewry- saying that the result of that war will be the extermination of the jews; also blamed jews for WWI
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