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QT Chapter 8 and 9 Queer V. Lesbian and Gay Identity Politics Arguments for Queer Arguments against Queer Queer Nation GLBT Movement Common sense defense is faulty as it is the response to normalizing discourses Common sense defense (102) Zimmerman Remove boundaries between people and there will be no discrimination Political Efficacy (103) Queer encourages an apolitical quietism Co-opting the word QUEER is a powerful act of cultural reclamation We hate the word QUEER (104). Reclaiming the word does not stop discrimination. The word will still be used as a pejorative meaning perverted, etc. Queer removes boundaries between all people Queer is elitist and inaccessible (110) Paris No need for a specific community. Queer is not in touch with the GLBT communities (110) Escoffier Yep, no binaries, no discrimination. Queer ignores the reality of discrimination based on specificity of gay and lesbian discourse. (112) No, it doesn’t. It is an array of experiences that is all inclusive. Queer = Other.
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