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Questions_DUB_Soc_13,_17-19-1 - 4 Why were so many lesbians...

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Questions DUB 13, 17-19 Chapter 13 1. When do the words homosexual and heterosexual appear on the scene? 2. Where were they first printed? 3. How were intimacies categorized in the past? 4. How did the adoption of an “other” figure in? 5. What does it mean to be a “radical social constructionist” Chapter 17 1. Pre-Wilde, how were sexual relationships between men referred to? 2. What were some of the specific terms? 3. What was the WHIP AND RAKE? 4. Who was Mary Jones? Chapter 18 1. What is cultural archaeology? 2. How does the author dig up information on working class women in the 18 th century? 3. Where was the information found?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Why were so many lesbians found in the sex industry or prisons? Chapter 19 1. How did sociology advance the ideas about same sex relationships/behavior? 2. How did the movement toward “social problem” take place? 3. How did the development of a social world figure in? 4. Tell me the difference between the theories of Linder and Reich in psychology. 5. How did the various sociologists fall on these issues (Cory, Stern, Hoffman) 6. How did the author’s own reading form his self concepts? 7. Did the popular sociology affect the LGBT culture in the 50’s and 60’s?...
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