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11 and 12 notes

11 and 12 notes - Chapter 11 Population entire group you...

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Chapter 11 Population: entire group you want to study Sample frame: the group from which the sample is chosen Simple random sample (SRS): Voluntary response: those who chose to answer Undercoverage: some portions of the population left out of the survey Observational study: observes individuals and measures variables of interest but nothing is altered. Ex.: sample surveys -poor way to see how things are affected by intervention -wording can affect responses Experiment: deliberately imposes some treatment on individuals to observe their response to the treatment; -helps to understand cause and effect experimental units: individuals on which the experiment is done subjects: if the units are humans treatment: specific experimental condition applied to the units factors: explanatory variables design: describes the treatments and how the experimental units or subjects are assigned to the Treatment confounded: when two variables (explanatory or outside) effects on a response varaible can’t be
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