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Extra Credit2 - Extra Credit Article Summary Danielle...

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Extra Credit: Article Summary Danielle Sidoti ENS 104A MW 800-850 Kahan
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The article I chose to read was entitled Food lover starts new cycle; Bicycling, diet aid 123-pound weight loss written by Nanci Hellmich in USA Today . A test subject named Aidan Murphy is a 40 year old man from Annapolis, Maryland. Murphy was selected by the USA Today as one of twelve other people to compete in their annual Weight-Loss Challenge. Murphy’s occupation requires him to stay up to date with some of the best cooked food in the world, and by time he turned 34, he weighed 328 pounds. This article is inspiring because it shows the willpower of one man to say that he is sick of the way he is living his life and he took action to make a difference. He took up cycling and long the way lost 123 pounds! His doctor referred him to a dietician though Kaiser Permanente. She advised him to only consume 2,400 calories per day and to eat 25 to 30 grams of fiber. She also told him to eat a big breakfast so that he didn’t hungry through the day.
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