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Commentary on Plato’s Symposium The most important aspect of the Symposium is the valorization of the Parmenidean notion of Being in the context of love. The theme of Being’s relation with love is the core of the dialogue of Diotima with Socrates, but it is touched upon already in earlier speeches, especially in the one by Aristophanes who maintains that love constitutes each person’s search for the other half of an originally perfect union. Love, in other words, is the way of a return to the origin as perfect oneness. It is this notion of the “One” that is not infiltrated by any “otherness” which for Diotima constitutes the goal of love. Her first move in rendering the “One” as love’s goal is to differentiate between two models of the functioning of love. The first one, which she rejects, conceives love on the model of the beloved. To this she opposes love on the model of the lover who lacks the qualities of the good and the beautiful that adhere to the beloved. What is important to note here is that for Diotima the desire for the good and
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