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Vita Yegorova October 2, 2007 Accelerated Rhetoric Cutter Wood The Corporation This movie uses a lot of rhetoric to get its message across to the viewers. The opening scene of the quick flashing of brand names or companies and fast paced movement through an office indicates how fast our society is working and that no one stops to take a look at what’s going on. The flashing of the companies indicates that there are millions of them and that they are invading our lives. I found very interesting the words that were chosen to describe corporations. Some examples are “artificial creations,” “monsters,” and “doom machine.” All of these descriptions are very negative and create fear in the viewer. The movie compares a corporation to Frankenstein’s creation that took over him. The comparison is that corporations were created for good, but have back fired on their creators and
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Unformatted text preview: are “monsters” that are trying to gain profit at any cost. This gives a corporation a human quality, as if it were actually living and manipulating the people. The movie had used these negative words to deliver a message that corporations will ultimately destroy us. For example, a huge corporation like Nike pays nearly nothing to its employers, who are starving and suffering to keep their families healthy and alive. Nike’s executives are making millions of dollars yet aren’t concerned with any part of their company or their workers. Corporations are shown as thriving, money thirsty, evil organizations. The movie even diagnosed corporations as psychopaths because they fit the criteria for this disorder; again, giving it another human quality as if it were real....
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