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Vita Yegorova 10/24/07 Women’s Studies Response Questions 1. Katzman talks about infertile couples and how artificial insemination has solved this problem. She presents how surrogacy is just marketing. Williams talks about the struggle of single motherhood. 2. Katzman presents facts about artificial insemination and some of the processes. She presents statistics about the practice and how successful it is. Patricia presents personal stories and news events to make her point. 3. Patricia talks about her life and how fortunate she is to have a great career. She is in the middle class and lives a luxurious life compared to other single mothers. Patricia states that day care is extremely difficult to afford for single mothers. She was lucky enough to have a great boss who gave her time off to spend with the baby and was so understanding of her situation. She knows that most single mothers suffer in our society because of their economic status and position in the work force. Most single mothers cannot afford to provide for their children so they have to go on welfare. 4. Patricia compares her life with the lives of other single mothers. Patricia talks about a time when she
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dfdf - Vita Yegorova 10/24/07 Women's Studies Response...

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