assignment 3

assignment 3 - Where to go? Year after year high school...

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Where to go? Year after year high school seniors are faced with the question of where to go to college. High school students are not only faced with the challenges of receiving good grades, doing well on SAT’s, and filling out college applications, but also have to decide where they want to go to college. The basic choice is to go to a small school or a big school. A small school is generally a private college with a small student population and small campus size. Big schools are for the most part public state schools with large student populations and vast campuses. Most of these large schools also offer branch campuses for students to also attend. A big school can be made small and create a community of students, faculty and alumni just as a small school can. Different types of schools offer different types of majors. Bigger state colleges offer more diverse majors than smaller private colleges. If one attends a large school, he or she has the opportunity to advance through almost any type of different professional field. He or she can choose from a variety of different majors and minors that suite him or her. For the most part, small schools offer a small list of majors that are considered to be the more common choices for college students. Students can graduate from both either type of school and have acquired some of the same majors. Degrees do not matter based on how big the school is, but instead how distinguished the school is. However, the college experience is not only about schoolwork, it is also about participating in
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assignment 3 - Where to go? Year after year high school...

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